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    "One day I will forgive you; until then there are scabs everywhere that you have touched me."

    Salvador Plascencia, The People of Paper  (via drunkblogging)

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New Face by Harley Weir | Backstage at Maison Martin Margiela S/S 15


    New Face by Harley Weir | Backstage at Maison Martin Margiela S/S 15

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ピンポンまとめ by ワヤマ
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「ポコさん」by ワヤマ
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    "Love isn’t soft, like those poets say. Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close."

    The Body  (via drunkblogging)

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    Sculptures by Emil Alzamora

    Peruvian sculptor Emil Alzamora enjoys exaggerating and distorting the human form in the name of his beautiful and unique creations.  His eye catching works serve as manifestations of the pleasure and pain of the human experience, and often display unusually exaggerated limbs and contorted flesh, in order to communicate psychic trauma.

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    and all i know of silence is that 
    when people go, they leave these great cold
    and all i know of space is that 
humans can’t survive in it.
    — inkskinned 



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